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You have received an interim or final job reference from your employer and are unsure whether it was really positive and in line with your performance? You suspect that negative codes have been used? Let us analyse your job reference now and you will receive a detailed report on your job reference within 2 working days.

Formal analysis

We check your job reference for general formal correctness. Does it meet the minimum legal requirements under Swiss law?

Content analysis

We check the content of your job reference very thoroughly for negative wording and hidden codes.

Suggestions for improvement

On request, we will prepare individual wording proposals, which you can pass on to your employer as a change request.

descriptionWhy should you check a job reference?

Job references have a high priority as a basis for every recruitment decision. The certainty of applying with a really good job reference allows you to appear even more confident in future application processes. Application procedures can be much more positive for you. A job reference analysis is therefore always worthwhile!

descriptionCritical formulations

Many interim and final job references contain critical wordings. They are a common means of communicating negative assessments - which are legally inadmissible. They are not recognisable to laypersons and often read particularly positively, e.g. "he made a positive contribution to the working atmosphere" for "he drank at work". In application processes such negative messages could be decoded by the recruitment managers which could have dramatic consequences for your application process.

descriptionAppearance and formal requirements

We check your job reference for completeness, whether it has a good appearance and meets the formal and legal minimum requirements in Switzerland.


Today, in larger companies job references are often created with the help of text modules or job reference software. We check whether there is still sufficient individuality to avoid interchangeability.

Have your job reference checked now!

How do we work?

After you have decided on one of our products (Basic Package, Premium Package or All-Inclusive-Package) and your reference letter has been uploaded, your document will immediately be assigned to one of our qualified HR Professionals. This HR Professionals will examine your job reference in detail and then forward it to a second expert for a second analysis. Within 2 working days, you will receive your detailed report and, if necessary, suggestions for improvements (only for Premium Package clients).

  • description
    Delivery within 2 working days
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    100% discretion and data protection
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    Qualified HR Professionals
  • description
    Money-back guarantee

Please upload only Word, PDF or JPEG files

Our service promise

  • We deliver within 2 working days
  • You will receive a detailed and complete analysis of your interim or final job reference as a PDF document (approx. 4 - 6 pages)
  • 4-eyes-principle: Each job reference is checked by 2 qualified and trained HR Professionals
  • Money-back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your employer's reference, we will refund the full purchase price

Our data protection promise

  • We treat your personal data with absolute discretion
  • Your data will never be passed on to third parties unasked
  • Your data is stored exclusively on servers with the highest security standards
  • Your data will be transferred according to the newest SSL security protocol

Real clients, real opinions

Gian-Claudio D.

I am enthusiastic, it is uncomplicated, fast, professional and inexpensive. Exactly what I was looking for and expected. It also shows that the fine details are in little words or phrases as I suspected. Great job, thanks to your team.

Heike Schünemann

Dear team of the "Arbeitszeugnishilfe", thank you very much for the very fast and competent help. I am happy to pass on my extremely positive impression to my network.

Reto O.

Great service! Helped me a lot in a dispute with my employer.

Linda A.

At first I was not sure if my reference letter was really good. But then Arbeitszugnishilfe convinced me to talk to my employer again. Really helpful!

Beate L.

I think your service is great and will gladly use it again if necessary.

Stefan S.

A big thank you for the evaluation and the suggestions. It could not have been done better, I am more than satisfied, thank you very much.

Hr. Beer

Thank you very much for the competent advice, super testimonial that is tailored to me and my employer and meets my expectations. I am very satisfied, good value for money, got my new job reference with the evaluation of the old job reference and recommendations on 3 days by e-mail, mega fast! I would recommend you anytime, keep it up!

Tamara L.

I am very satisfied with the detailed and competent assessment of my job reference. Would again take advantage of this excellent service at any time. Many thanks for this.

Franziska O.

Highly recommended! Many thanks to the team for the great work. From beginning to end I felt super advising. For me this is a great and fast service all around and I will be happy to come back for my next report! I thank you!

Eric M.

The work was done quickly and to my complete satisfaction. Hopefully my suggestions for improvement will be added to the new testimony afterwards. I will recommend this service to others. Thank you Mr. Vahldiek.

M. Müller

Very fast & competent processing of the order. The evaluation of the job reference & the suggestions for improvement have helped me enormously. I can only recommend this service & will use it again in the future.

Katja L.

Absolutely ingenious, super service, fast, uncomplicated, competent, structured's worth it!

Tanja A.

Super service, very competent, fast...has helped me a lot!!! I can only recommend it

Florian S.

Top service and fast processing! Thanks to you, I really understood what was written between the lines in my job reference! 🤔 Cool idea with the staff, is very easy to understand. Especially the "translation" in text form helps a lot. Could react in time, especially the tips for reformulation were really helpful 😉 Thanks again and next time again with pleasure! Greeting Florian

Ozzie K.

Great service, which I recommend without reservation.

About Us was founded with the aim of supporting Swiss employees in assessing and improving their employer’s job references. Through our professional analysis of interim and final job references, we want to contribute to avoiding or defusing conflicts with employers. It is our mission to ensure a fair and professional testimonial for every Swiss employee in order to improve your chances on the Swiss labour market.

Who we are was founded in February 2018 by Gordon Alexander Vahldiek, who has 14 years of experience with job references in various international companies. Before his professional career he studied economics and social sciences with focus on human resources management and labour law. During his career he has continuously dealt with the topic of job references from different perspectives both as an HR employee and as a manager. But also as an employee, he has been able to gain a lot of experience with job references. An intensive content-related and legal examination of this topic has made him an expert in this field. For his private environment, he was therefore a valued contact person long before the company was founded, if there was any uncertainty about an interim or final job reference. This gave rise to the idea of professionalising this assistance with job reference issues and making it available to every people in Switzerland.

Gründer und Geschäftsführer

Our team

Even before its foundation, the founder of had already built up a qualified network of HR experts, so that it was possible to fall back quickly on well-founded experts in the field of job references and labour law. This network of experts is made up of pronounced experts from the field and not lawyers. In other words, people from the HR department who deal with the topic of applications and job references on a daily basis and who are experienced and trained accordingly. We see this as an advantage over a purely legal examination, which often misses the professional reality. This professional network is consulted for the respective testimonial analyses and in the meantime a permanent and well-established team of testimonial examiners and employees is working for And if legal advice should nevertheless be necessary, the network of also has lawyers in the field of labour law who can be involved if necessary.

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